Bringing Peru to Perth

Our journey began in early 2018 with one goal in mind - bring Perth a restaurant experience that offers something different and that leverages our unique lifestyle and abundance of fresh produce.

Peruvian cuisine has been taking off in Europe and the Middle East winning Michelin stars and the best in class awards, drawing people to its light freshness, huge flavours and enjoyable style. This was a cuisine that was on trend and offers a natural fit with Western Australia culinary talent and our super fresh product.

We had a concept, we had big ideas, we had a space, and we had the motivation to pull it together. But what we lacked was a name for our space, restaurant, people and most importantly, a chef.

We wanted a distinctive name, one that would be easy to remember and have a connection to Peru. After many hours and a few Piscos and Malbecs, we came across “Uma” from pre-Incan dialect which translates to mountain and water.

Then we needed to find a chef. We looked to Latin America and Europe, we also asked the Peruvian Ambassador to Australia who was the best Peruvian chef in the country. We were immediately offered Alejandro Saravia, the owner of Pastuso in Melbourne.

We met with Alejandro in Melbourne and quickly found that his passion matched our own. He jumped on board with our journey. Alejandro quickly brought in Sydney trained Head Chef, Xerxes Bodhanwala, and a tight group of Latin specialist Perth locals.

The service team led by independent restaurateurs Jeremy Burt and Helen Clarke also signed on for the adventure. With their wealth of experience they created our front of house team. We opened February 2019. Come see us.


Uma offers an authentic take on modern Peruvian cuisine utilising almost exclusively West Australian products.

Chef Alejandro Saravia (Melbourne, Sydney, London, Paris and Lima) joined our team to create a unique and original menu for West Australians that is big on sustainability, freshness and flavour.

Our menu allows you to share a wide variety of dishes from ceviche, to street and high-end cuts, each with influences from the ancient Incans, coupled with recent immigrant groups Spanish, Africans, Chinese and Japanese.

With the exception of four chillies and one potato, our ingredients are exclusively West Australian. Our seafood is line-caught off the Western Australian coast, so if it’s not on the menu its because we didn’t catch any. Our beef and chicken come directly from the gate at Gingin Farm. Our lamb, pork and alpaca are sourced from across the south west.

Uma is lead by a team of extraordinary restaurateurs who have returned to Perth following stellar international careers at some of the world’s best independent restaurants. We are dedicated to delivering a fun and caring customer experience.

Uma is the only restaurant in CBD Perth that offers complimentary valet parking with every booking.

Jeremy Burt and Helen Clarke have carefully curated a wine list that incorporates some of the best West Australian wines and have introduced new wines from South America. Oh, and a couple from the east coast.

Our restaurant was designed by leading Perth architect and design firm ‘State of Kin’ who were inspired by the colour palette of our great state.

Our lively Latin playlist was created by emerging WA artist Henry Cooper. Born in New York of African-Latino heritage Henry Cooper has made Perth home.

Some of our artwork is not Peruvian but it is priceless indigenous works from Charlie Matjuwi Burrarawanga, Charles Charn and Trevor Wuynum. Their artwork is too good not to be hung.

The Pisco based cocktails are off the hook!

Uma has absolutely nothing to do with Hollywood A-lister Uma Thurman. But we do want you to remember us fondly. Uma translates from pre-Incan to mountain/water.