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OPEN: TUE - SAT FROM 6 PM - 10:30 PM

Alejandro Saravia & Uma Restaurant

Journey through the flavours of Peru with award-winning chef Alejandro Saravia’s modern take on Peruvian cuisine. Uma, meaning ‘mountain water’ (pre-Incan dialect), celebrates the coast of Peru and Western Australia’s own seaside lifestyle with a fusion of authentic Peruvian flavours and the state’s most sustainable produce.

Alejandro Saravia is an award-winning chef known for bringing Peruvian cuisine to Australia. He founded A Taste of Peru in 2007 where he shared his knowledge of Peruvian food through degustations, cooking classes and gourmet tours. With two celebrated Peruvian restaurants in the country – Morena in Sydney and critically acclaimed Pastuso in Melbourne –  now Alejandro shares his exceptional cooking with Perth.

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A modern take on Peruvian cuisine

Uma will take you on a culinary journey through the regions of Peru. It all starts from the MAR (ocean) with ceviches, raw and cured; moves through the ’VALLES’ (valleys) serving seasonal vegetable dishes; ending in the ‘GRANJAS’ (paddocks) – plating up high-end beef, lamb, and chicken cooked the Peruvian way. Starring produce offerings from the most sustainable farmers in our state, chef Alejandro has created a contemporary fusion of traditional Peruvian flavours and cooking techniques. Uma gives you a taste of Peru but also a snapshot of the fantastic produce here in Western Australia.

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Peru meets Perth