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Our aim is to produce a modern twist on Peruvian cuisine. One which delights and tantalises your taste buds and takes you on a journey through the flavours of Peru, with influences from Spain, Japan, China, Africa and the Incans, which have shaped modern day Peru.

We love the produce of Western Australia and we have built close relationships with both local fisheries and farms to bring only the best that Western Australia has to offer. Our seafood is all line-caught and our beef, lamb, pork and chicken from the farm gate.

We are also creating our own ‘Skygarden’ at the hotel, we are currently producing honey with the production of vegetables and the five herbs and spices used in Peruvian cuisine in the pipeline.

Let’s not forget another key element of a great evening’s entertainment - wine and Pisco. Our team has sourced wines from some of Australia and Peru’s best vineyards. Our wine list has been curated to complement each course and enhance the flavours of both.

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Award-winning Peruvian chef Alejandro Saravia

Alejandro Saravia is an award-winning chef known for bringing Peruvian cuisine to Australia. With two celebrated Peruvian restaurants in the country, Morena in Sydney and critically acclaimed Pastuso in Melbourne, Alejandro brings a wealth of knowledge on Peruvian cooking to Perth.

One of Alejandro’s passions is working with local ingredients to plate up food that reflects the location surrounding him. Uma is no different. Alejandro has developed close relationships with sustainable fisheries and local farmers in Western Australia, and is committed to nurturing these relationships and creating new connections to support our state.

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