About — Uma & Alejandro

Bringing Peru to Perth

Born in Peru, Alejandro Saravia went from Peruvian culinary school at 16, to cooking in some of the world’s top restaurants, including The Fat Duck in London under Heston Blumenthal. In 2007, a year after he arrived in Sydney, Alejandro founded A Taste of Peru where he shared his knowledge of Peruvian food through degustations, cooking classes and gourmet tours.

Known for bringing Peruvian cuisine to Australia, Alejandro feels it’s his responsibility, both as a Peruvian and a chef, to show Australia what Peru has to offer. He opened two celebrated Peruvian restaurants in the country – Morena in Sydney and critically acclaimed Pastuso in Melbourne. And now brings his wealth of knowledge to Western Australia.

Fresh and Sustainable WEST australian Ingredients

The diversity of the Peruvian culinary style and its Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and African influences allows Uma the latitude to work with a wide variety of West Australian ingredients. Alejandro and his team cook with local produce, not only because fresh food is the Peruvian way but because Pan Pacific is dedicated to supporting local producers.

Alejandro has developed close relationships with sustainable fisheries and farmers in Western Australia. Uma’s menu stars seafood caught daily from the shores of Fremantle, organic beef, lamb, chicken, pork and alpaca directly from the farm gate, and locally grown vegetables. Uma continues to develop and nurture relationships with local producers, while promoting sustainable cooking through workshops and partnerships.

Local DesignERS

Pan Pacific Perth commissioned Perth design studio State of Kin to design Uma’s interior. Drawing upon the iconic work of Australian painter John Olsen, Uma’s colour palette is uniquely Australian and represents the Peruvian cuisine – burgundy, dusty blue and terracotta. These walls feature artworks that bring texture and interest to the space, and with windows overlooking Pan Pacific’s pool, UMA evokes a sense of opulence that is both elegant and contemporary.

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