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Peruvian cuisine is diverse. There are more than 400 traditional dishes in Peru, and the flavours in these change through the coast, highlands and Amazon jungle. A common element of most Peruvian foods is the Ají (Peruvian chilli), although Peruvian dishes themselves are not overly spicy. Another key ingredient is potato – Peru boasts 3000 native varieties. It’s often used as a side dish.

Uma’s menu is based on Peru’s coastal cuisine – light, mildly spicy, with Alejandro’s expert ceviche as the standout. Uma’s menu moves through the regions of Peru. It starts from the MAR (ocean) with ceviches, raw and cured; moves through the ’VALLES’ (valleys) serving seasonal vegetables with a Peruvian twist; ending in the ‘GRANJAS’ (paddocks) – plating up high-end beef, lamb, and chicken. These sections feature traditional Peruvian ingredients from each region, as well as local produce including WA seafood, premium meat and seasonal vegetables.

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“One of the best ways of discovering Peru is through its food. Uma is a fusion of Peruvian recipes and local ingredients, combining traditional cooking techniques with haute cuisine.”

Chef Alejandro Saravia

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