Paletilla de Cordero feat. Gingin Beef | Plating Up WA

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We’re taking part in Plating Up WA this month and celebrating one of our favourite local farmers.

Plating Up WA is just the kind of initiative Uma likes to get behind. The Buy West Eat Best annual event shares our food philosophy – supporting local farmers and highlighting the delicious seasonal produce WA has in spades. Restaurants around the state are plating up their WA-inspired dishes, and food lovers are booking tables to try the very best ingredients WA has on offer.

Our Hero Dish

Chef Alejandro Saravia is plating up a Paletilla de Cordero – 10-hour slow-roasted, West Australian free-range lamb shoulder w/ adobo sauce, heirloom carrots & shallots. This dish features Gingin Beef’s very best lamb. Gingin Beef is a family farm owned by Chris and Maxine Greville, and their daughters Penny and Julia. They produce superior quality beef, chicken, lamb and pork to local restaurants who serve only the best.

Why is Gingin Beef’s meat so good?

Each animal at Gingin Beef are born and raised on the farm. The family care deeply about how they raise their cattle and have created a healthy environment for them to thrive.

“We have beautiful deep loamy soils that are rich in minerals and produce an abundance of grass all year round...we do not use hormones or antibiotics,” says Julia Seville from Gingin Beef.


Chef Alejandro is proud to have created this partnership with Gingin Beef and is honoured to feature this producer’s offering in his WA-inspired dish for Plating Up WA.

“Part of the amazing experience of discovering WA produce is the opportunity to meet passionate people like Julia from Gingin organic farm,” says Alejandro. “Understanding the difficulties that local farmers go through every day and their constant dedication for what they do is what inspires me to keep buying local.”

Want to try our Plating Up WA Hero Dish and support local farmers? Book a table.

Laura Moseley