Spring Menu Wine Pairings


Our fresh new spring menu is an absolute delight.We showcase the best produce our sunny state has to offer with fresh, tasty and intricate meals cooked by our talented chefs.

We have locally sourced WA seafood like Shark Bay fish, Smoked Mandurah sea mullet and Abrolhos Island prawns – all starring in our incredible ceviches. In the Granjas (paddock), we have a Gingin Eye Fillet with stir-fry sauce, Paspaley pearl meat and 18-hour confit Alpaca ribs.

And of course, have fresh vegetables grown by WA farmers. healthy dishes like Causa de Vegetales with Pickled eggplant, preserved zucchini, cherry tomatoes, aji amarillo and lemon causa, avocado puree.

These dishes must be paired with the perfect drop. But when there’s so many wines on the menu, it’s hard to pick. Our venue manager Helen and restaurant supervisor Camilla are here to help with wine recommendations for each of our standout dishes.

Uma Wine Pairings

Madre Perla with Bella Ridge Chenin Blanc

The Paspaley pearl meat ceviche is a fine balance between squid and scallop – delicate yet firm. Tumeric tiger’s milk provides a punch of citrus and spice, balanced well by the tropical stone fruits in the Bella Chenin.

Causa de Vegetales with Willowbridge Sparkling

A textural, spiced potato mash with pickled vegetables. This dish has a slight sweetness from the tomatillas and a crunch of fresh zucchini. Made from Chardonnay grapes and barrel fermented in oak barrels, the Willowbridge Sparkling’s strong flavour is the perfect fit for the causa’s bold personality.

Costillas de Alpaca with Mairena Bornada

Ribs at their best. Bold flavours with charred BBQ and chilli, with a light finish, almost like honeysuckle. Mairena Bornada harmonises well with its red berries, light texture and ability to complement the lasting flavour of the ribs.

Lomo Saltado with Alma Negra

Lomo Saltado is a smokey, decadent Gingin eye fillet. Such a classic dish needs to be paired with something sexy, and you can’t get sexier than the Alma Negra. This wine has a sense of mystery and gives a nice depth of dark berries, coffee and cocoa. A rich wine for a rich dish. A delight!

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Laura Moseley